When life seems uncertain, when things seem unstable, remember God is your Rock and Refuge! You can find safety and security in the name of the Lord. The scripture tells us that the name of the Lord is a strong tower. When you are in a strong tower, you are safe from the storms of life. You are protected and hidden from your enemies. When your relationships seem uncertain, God is your tower of certainty. When the economy seems unpredictable, God is your Rock that never changes. When your job or home situation seems unstable, God is your stability.

When you rely on Him, you can stand on solid ground. You can have confidence and peace because He is well able to take care of anything that concerns you. As you declare God’s truth over your life, it will strengthen and empower you. His truth will be established in your heart, and you will stand strong in the victory He has prepared for you!


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Short prayers are long enough. There were but three words in the petition which Peter gasped out, but they were sufficient for his purpose. Not length but strength is desirable. A sense of need is a mighty teacher of brevity.

Charles Spurgeon (via crosspreacher)


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